Carbon negative construction materials

IKI Carbon is a hard, ceramic-like material that enables a sub-zero carbon footprint for buildings and infrastructure.

Patented technology of Fifth Innovation Oy.

What IKI Carbon is

IKI Carbon is a hard, moldable, ceramic-like material, produced from industrial side streams of forest and agricultural industries.
As construction material, it enables carbon storage properties in buildings, while offering superior mechanical properties to traditional materials,
eg. bricks and panels.

IKI Carbon is fully plant based, VOC free, fire retardant and producable from high availability raw materials.

Moldable, Workable and Durable

Highly durable yet endlessly customizable, IKI Carbon can be produced in a variety of ways, including mold-casting. Panels and blocks can be cut and drilled in order to obtain a finished product.


 Emits no measureable odors, gases or emissions. If activated, measurements have shown that IKI Carbon adsorbs with airborne volatile organic compounds, passively improving air quality.

Purifires air and water

Made of near-pure carbon, IKI Carbon can be activated to filter out impurities from air and water. The material adsorbs volatile organic compounds, the leading cause of SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).

Absorbs sound

IKI Carbon performs exquisitely as a material for acoustic treatment. With its rigid form, it’s readily applicable as paneling in various 3-dimensional shapes and sizes.

Insulates heat

IKI Carbon does not conduct heat very well, which means that it feels nice to the touch, like wood. With clever design we can give IKI Carbon insulation properties that fulfill modern standards.


IKI Carbon does not contain volatile compounds, making it highly resistant to fire. In laboratory tests, IKI Carbon proved highly resistant to a high intensity flame, not producing smoke or catching flame during a 30 minute experiment.

Interested in hearing more?

Ask us to learn more about IKI Carbon core technology as well as its applications,
such as bricks, panels, acoustic elements and more.

If IKI Carbon was the primary brick manufacturing material, we would hit European carbon neutrality targets four times over


Bury your carbon…or supercharge your CSR

Making the most out of your raw materials is making the most out of your business


Design and build sub-zero carbon footprint

A double whammy of reducing emissions and permanently storing carbon in your creations


Put your sustainable choices where you can see them. The more you consume IKI Carbon, the better it is for the planet (and your indoor air quality)


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