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IKI Carbon - turning side streams into value

Until now, the huge potential in biorefinery side streams has been largely overlooked and underutilized. What is often lacking is a meaningful way to use these leftover materials. With IKI Carbon, we have made it possible to create a big environmental impact as well as a significant new value out of these side streams.

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Saving our planet with carbon storage

Our solution transforms the biorefinery side streams into a material called IKI Carbon. The word iki means eternal in Finnish, and that is what we are aiming for, restoring carbon from the atmosphere back to solid form, for good.

IKI Carbon is almost pure carbon and as such, the material can be activated to function as a filter that captures impurities from air or water.

With IKI Carbon we can both reduce emissions and permanently store carbon.

Up to 100%

raw materials


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The revolutionary features

Purifies air and water

Absorbs sounds

Customizable shape with mold casting


Insulates heat



Building a bright future with IKI Carbon

The possibilities of using IKI Carbon are endless. The material can be molded into almost any shape, and its density and texture can be altered to fit the chosen purpose.

IKI Carbon can be used in building materials, interior design elements, acoustic panels, and consumer products among others. It is a solution that stands the test of time.

Want to know how IKI Carbon could be used in your products?

The discovery of dark matter

Behind IKI Carbon there are two Finnish men with a dream of taking real action to save our planet. These men are Tuomo Hilli and Tomi Miikkulainen.

Hilli, a seasoned veteran in process and plant design, is an innovator with over 100 innovations under his belt. Hilli's expertise in biorefinery and the use of lignin have been the cornerstones of creating IKI Carbon.

Miikkulainen has an extensive and diverse background in development, piloting, and technical sales of novel biorefinery processes as well as organizational Lean transformation.

Together we form Fifth Innovation Oy, the company behind IKI Carbon, and we are on a mission to turn carbon negativity into a growing business. With our expertise and solutions, we can help your company create a brighter future for our planet.

We work closely with our industrial partners

In case you have bio-based side streams you would like to commercialize, or you are looking for a new sustainable material for your products, contact us! Let’s work together and make IKI Carbon the solution for you.

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Tuomo Hilli, CEO


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Tomi Miikkulainen, CTO