We specialize in industry leading biochar technologies, processes and scaling services.

Nordic biochar expert lab

Fifth Innovation is a leading center-of-excellence of biochar applications and bio-based side stream processing.
We serve some of the largest organizations in the Nordics as their outsourced experts, supported by laboratory facilities.

Bio-based activated carbon design

Slow & fast pyrolysis


Lignin separation & utilization

Industrial environmental systems

Center of Excellence

Our team is responsible for over 80 invention disclosures, over 10 patents, numerous industrial level facility implementations, scale-up plans and more.

Our expertise includes (but is not limited to): Biochar production process design and implementation, bio-based activated carbons, fast & slow pyrolysis, HTC, lignin separation & utilization and industrial environmental systems.

Laboratory services

 Our laboratory in Kokkola enables dedicated product development, testing and measurement services of a vast array of bio-based materials. Our laboratory works daily with developing new material recipes, pyrolysis and carbonization methods and systematic performance tests with our clients’ materials.

Laboratory expansion opening in Tampere during February 2023.
Ask us for a service list.

Technology selection,
implementation & scaling

We work with the largest industrial organizations in the biomaterial industry to design, implement and audit industrial grade production solutions. We have experience with the full facility life cycle, ranging from preliminary planning and business case estimations to scale-up implementation process planning and execution monitoring. We’re happy to help you in all stages of your industrial planning needs.


We develop proprietary materials and products in-house. Our flagship technology is the IKI Carbon material, that enables the creation of carbon negative construction materials through a ceramic-like multi-purpose biochar. Our other innovations include (but are not limited to): customized activated carbon qualities, bio-based carbon black alternatives, soil improvement biochars and more.


Join a team of global industry leaders, working to reshape the way industrial side streams are refined. See our positions from our JOBS page.

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Interested in gaining access to leading industrial biochar and biomaterial processing expertise? We’d be happy to get in touch regarding all your questions and explain how we work with industrial leaders, raw material stream owners, technology vendors and more.


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